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Salford NanoLAB is the research group founded by Dr Zeljka Krpetic in 2016. We are based within the School of Environment and Life Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester.

Our research focuses on the custom design of nanoparticles for novel applications in nanomedicine, cancer nanotechnology, and the discovery and design of novel antimicrobial nanoparticles. We are specialised in nanofabrication of gold, silver and copper nanoparticles and we are interested in developing new routes for characterisation of functional gold nanoparticles. Our development of novel nanomedicine formulations is aimed at future cancer therapy treatments and applications in AMR research.


Salford NanoLAB hosts postgraduate PhD and Masters researchers, research visitors, graduate student placements, and graduate and postgraduate project students. 


NanoLAB welcomes everyone with a passion for nanotechnology and creative scientific imagination.


If you are interested in becoming a postgraduate student at the NanoLAB in Salford University, gaining research visitor status, or funding our research, please contact Dr Zeljka Krpetic for more details. 

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