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European Association Cancer Resarch Confrence

Dr Zeljka Krpetic attending the first European Association for Cancer Research conference on Nanotechnology in Cancer 12-14th September 2019 in Cambridge.


The work presented entitled "Advanced Characterisation of the Multicomponent Nanomedicines: Probing the Bio-Nano Interface a Critical Step in Preclinical Anticancer Research" was produced by talented NanoLab Master students Saqer Al Abdullah and Ataa Yassari.


Meeting highlighted important messages for the future of Cancer Nanotechnology field with a visionary lecture on the importance of fundamental nanoparticle studies and data interpretation from fabulous Dr Raphael Levy (University of Liverpool)

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BRC Away Day at MediaCITY UK / NanoLAB at the Festival of Research 

June 2019. Doxi, NanoLAB superstar student now a PhD in Southampton University, delivers a talk at the Biomedical Research Centre Away Day as part of the Festival of Research at the University of Salford.

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Congratulations to Angelo

April 2019. We are proud of our ERASMUS+ MChem student Angelo Casali who successfully defended his thesis “Gold Nanoparticles for Anticancer Applications” developed in Salford NanoLAB under Dr Krpetic's co-supervision. Congratulations and well done! 


Salford Post Graduate Annual Research Conference

Michael Greenwood selected to give a Researcher Showcase presentation at SPARC 2018

5th July 2018, Manchester, UK

MG SPARC 2018.jpg

Salford University Graduation Ceremony

July 2019. Proud day at the Salford University Graduation Ceremony with a superstar project student Anna Mitunikova! Well done Anna for your successful project at Salford NanoLAB. Good luck with your future career.


Salford NanoLab's newest addition

June 2019. CPS Analytical Centrifuge installation and training day with Adam Hilles, Analytik Ltd. 


5th International Conference on Nanotechnology in Medicine

Conference attended and poster presentation by Dhoksi Mishaxhiu

"Probing the Bio-Nano Interface with Gold Nanoparticles."

26-28th June 2018, Manchester, UK


Three Minute Thesis Competition

Finalists from each University of Salford school compete to go ahead to the national final

4th July 2018, Manchester, UK

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